Junior Cotillion 6th Grade Instruction

Our season consists of five classes.

Class One: the responsibilities of a guest, proper seating and escort position, how to introduce oneself and shaking hands, glove etiquette and how to offer and receive refreshments.
Dance Instruction: basic Foxtrot and basic Cha Cha.

Class Two: introductions, when to rise, paying and receiving compliments.
Dance Instruction: new Foxtrot steps, basic Swing

Class Three: doors & coats, party courtesies, how to be seated or seat someone at the table, and thank you notes.
Dance Instruction: new Cha Cha steps, new Swing steps

Class Four: basic table manners, place settings, American style dining, telephone and electronic etiquette.
Dance Instruction; basic Waltz and new Foxtrot steps

Class Five: Responding to different kinds of invitations, and sports etiquette.
Dance Instruction: new Swing step
Parents join us for the last half hour of this class in preparation for our parent-child waltzes at the end of the Spring Ball. Additional information will be sent out closer to the class.

The Winter Dance and Spring Ball provide students with an opportunity to practice the skills, etiquette and dance that they have been learning in a wonderful, exciting social situation.

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