Junior Cotillion 7th Grade Instruction

Our season consists of five classes:

Class One: manners in public places, first impressions, ladies and gentlemen together, and the characteristics of a noble character – honesty and promise-keeping.
Dance Instruction: review of Swing and new step, review of Foxtrot and new step.

Class Two: how to be a guest and how to be a host, interview etiquette and skills, introductions, and the characteristics of a noble character – excellence and accountability.
Dance Instruction: Cha Cha review and new steps, Waltz review and new steps.

Class Three: party courtesies, correspondence, dress codes, hat, glove and tie etiquette, and how to tie a tie (half Windsor knot), and the characteristics of a noble character – service, integrity and citizenship.
Dance Instruction: new Cha Cha steps, Salsa basics.

Class Four: food etiquette, table manners, how to be seated, cell phone etiquette, polite conversation, paying and receiving compliments, and the characteristics of a noble character – respect and fidelity.
Dance Instruction: Waltz new steps, and Salsa new step.

Class Five: Responding to different kinds of invitations, formal dinner guidelines, formal place settings for 5 course meals – both American and Continental, finger bowls, sports etiquette as a fan and as an athlete, and the characteristics of a noble character – caring and fairness.
Dance Instruction: new Swing step
Parents join us for the last half hour of this class in preparation for our parent-child waltzes at the end of the Spring Ball. Additional information will be sent out closer to the class.

The Winter Dance and Spring Ball (and its instructional dinner) provide students with an opportunity to practice the skills, etiquette and dance that they have been learning in a wonderful, exciting social situation.

2 thoughts on “Junior Cotillion 7th Grade Instruction

  1. I am interested on receiving more information about your clases. My daughter will be in 7th grade next year.

    • We’d be happy to share our class information. If you click on ‘Register for Cotillion” it lists locations of our upcoming 7th grade classes. You can register there, or if you would like more information on a specific class, please feel free to email us at theanngroup@outlook.com.

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