2017-2018 Class Information for 6th and 7th Graders

Dress Code for Cotillion class and dances

For class, ladies should be dressed in conservative knee length dresses or skirts. No strapless dresses please. Gentlemen should wear jacket and tie, such as: khaki pants, dress shirt, tie and navy blazer. (Just a reminder, labels on the sleeves of blazers and tailor tacks should be removed prior to wearing).

Dress shoes suitable for dancing should be worn by both ladies and gentlemen; no tennis shoes or flip flops, please. For ladies, shoes that have a small heel and have either a closed back or a strap are best, mules or other shoes that are backless are difficult to dance in.

For the Winter Dance and Spring Ball, gentlemen may wear the same jacket and tie they wear to class for the dance and ball. Ladies should wear a street (knee) length, age appropriate, holiday dress.

For the Spring Ball, ladies should wear a knee length or longer white, age appropriate, modest dress. (*White dresses are preferred; however, pastel dresses are acceptable if it becomes difficult to find a white dress.)  To help in finding a white dress we have created a web page to share where parents have found white dresses in the past:


No strapless dresses or dresses with trains, please.

Gloves for our ladies are optional. I have many pairs available at every class for them to borrow, if they choose to wear gloves.

*Jeans are not allowed in the country clubs.  Parents, please comply with this rule when picking up and dropping off your student at any of our country clubs.


We are in need of two or three chaperones for each of the classes and two or more chaperones for the Winter Dance and the Spring Ball. If you are interested in chaperoning, please email at theanngroup2@verizon.net.
Chaperones and chaperoning needs will be posted on our class web page.

Workbooks and Homework

Students will receive workbooks at the first class. Homework is assigned at each class to help the students practice and master the skills we are learning.  Assignments will be posted on the class web page.  Please encourage your student to do their homework and bring their workbook with them each month to class. The homework is checked by the chaperones and prizes are awarded to the young lady and gentleman that the chaperones feel did the best job on their homework. Workbooks should not be brought to the Winter Dance or Spring Ball.

*Life can be very busy and sometimes, cotillion homework falls to the bottom of the list.  If for some reason your student is unable to complete their homework during any given month, please let them know that they do not need to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in coming to class without it completed.  It is never graded.  Cotillion homework is just a means of practicing what we are learning in class.

Absences and Make-up Classes

Attendance is important to our program. If your child will be absent, one of the students in class may be without a partner. Please let me know if your student is unavailable to attend, so that I can try to keep our numbers of boys to girls even. If your student is absent and interested in attending one of my other classes as a makeup (same grade, same material-just a different location!) please contact me, they would be welcome!

Tuition and Billing

Tuition is due in full by the first day of class, unless other arrangements have been made.  A minimum $50 deposit is due with registration.
Tuition can be paid by check or online.  To pay by check, please make payments to The Ann Group, LLC and mail to 9712 Schmidt Drive, Burke, Virginia 22015.  If you would like to pay online, please request a payment link from Kirsti at kirsti.ehlers@nljc.com.

Media Release & Photography at Junior Cotillion

We are required to have parental response to the photo release form on file for each student, each season they participate, prior to the first class.  It was a one button reply on the online registration form or there is a place for your signature on the printed registration form.

If you still need to complete the media release or change your preferences, please contact us at ann.achiu@nljc.com

As a courtesy to all our cotillion families, please do not post photos, or ‘tag’ or otherwise identify students in cotillion pictures online unless you have consent from their parent or guardian.
Thank you.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, we usually follow the public schools’ inclement weather policy; however, please watch for our email or check our website or Facebook page concerning any changes in schedule.

Allergies and other concerns

We will have refreshments at all cotillion events and classes.  If your child has an allergy or dietary restriction please let me know before classes start.

If your child needs to bring anything to class, such as an epi-pen, please have it labeled with the student’s first and last name.

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